Just keep swimming


I am sure you all know the song that Dory sings in Finding Nemo (if you have children you will know it) “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, when life gets you down what do we do just keep swimming……. ” I woke to that song this morning going over and over and over in my head. Let me say not the greatest song to wake with, however it reminded me of that task at hand these next few weeks. See for me and 99% of you, life is picking up in pace. The end of the year is fast approaching and many are feeling like time is flying by.

This feeling like time is flying by can have us in a tail spin at times, thinking that we have not achieved all that we need to achieve by now. For some it can lead us into a downward spin that our hopes and dreams are slipping out of reach. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our hopes and dreams are more visible in this moment than ever.

Yes they appear far off in the distance, yet they are visible, they shine brighter, like a beacon guiding us towards them. See it is in our time of feeling like they have slipped away that we see clearly the hopes and dreams that we truly desire. Gone now are the fancifully wishes that meant nothing of substance to us allowing for a clear pictures of what is truly important to us in life. These don’t have to be massive dreams, the size of the dream doesn’t matter, what is important is that it means the world to you.

How do we achieve them if they feel like they are slipping out reach as time flows by……? Just keep swimming!

The dream is not out of reach, now is the time to swim towards it, no matter how big or small the dream is just keep swimming forward. To do this follow some simple steps listed below to help propel you on your way

  1. Spend 10 minutes clearly writing down what you wish to achieve.
  2. Write down why you want to achieve it, get clear in your mind.
  3. Break it down into bite size achievable smaller goals
  4. Set time limits – hold yourself accountable to these
  5. Everyday do something that helps move your forward
  6. Celebrate the small wins along the way
  7. Give thanks each day along the way to achieve it

When you get clear about the dream, time doesn’t fly by rather it helps your focus on the achievement ahead. So while the end of the year seems to be just around the corner and, we become even busy in our daily lives with end of year activities. Really this timeline can be used to help you focus and achieve your dreams.


Just keep swimming


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