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Stuck in the past – stop picking at i...

live now

We have all done it spent too much time dwelling on the past, past mistakes, hurts, choices, indecisions. All the time setting a mindset of regret and setting up bad moods and feelings about who we are as a person. Too often we find ourselves dwelling of what could have been rather than focusing on […]

Change requires action Part 2

Beleive in you

So last I spoke about some of the factors that block change and listed some question to help you identify areas in your life that require change Just to recap the question to answer about your life are: What area/s of life need to change (get clear about this) Does it all need to change […]

Change requires action – Part 1

Change requires action – Part 1

How many of you are happy with your life, satisfied that they are heading in the right direction? How many of you are not happy and know that things need to change in order to be happy? How many of you are willing to do something different, make changes required to be happy in life? […]