Change requires action – Part 1

change requires-effortHow many of you are happy with your life, satisfied that they are heading in the right direction?

How many of you are not happy and know that things need to change in order to be happy?

How many of you are willing to do something different, make changes required to be happy in life?

Would it shock you to know that those who are not happy in life can be less likely to make the change needed to gain a happy life?

Why? Not because they don’t people want to remain unhappy that’s not it, rather because they fear the change required to make life happy. They don’t know what the change may bring, it’s the fear of the unknown that scares people and keeps them in the same place as yesterday. Some also fear the action required for change can they actually do what is needed……..ever heard that lovely inner voice tell you ‘it won’t work’ … that’s the voice of fear and it needs to be silenced for change to be proactive.

Why do so many resist change… we just have to read post on social media sites with people complaining about their life and spruiking how it will be different from now on, only to see the same complaint a week or so later from them. Change is not just resisted by the individual we need look no further than governments who are ill equip to effect change due to fear of public backlash. Change can indeed be scary after all t is a move to a different way of thinking, doing things differently than they have always been done. For some it’s better the devil you know than the one you don’t. Others believe it has always been done a set way so that’s just the way things have to be done.

“Insanity is doing the same thing day after day expecting a different outcome”

So how can we move forward and make change when are mindset is telling us to resist even if it means staying dissatisfied with life as it is? First we need to get a clear idea of what we want to change, if we are dissatisfied with life is it all of our life or just aspects of it. Maybe it is s few areas of life, maybe just one, the important thing is to be clear as what needs to change.

Next we need to ask does it all a need to change at once or can we actually work on one aspect at a time. Fear of change can be a result of the task being too big to manage, making many changes at once for some will send them into a tail spin and have them running back to a comfortable rut or worse vowing that change is impossible.

Set a time for change to implemented, how long realistically will it take it make this change? If you want to make a change for better health which require you to lose weight then t is no good saying you will lose 10kilo in a week, this is not sustainable and puts change out of reach.

What is required for the change? Wanting to change career without proper training to allow for smooth transition again sets a person up for failure and change once again is out of reach. We need a plan of how to make transitional change rather than self-sabotage our efforts for change.

Do you have support for this change, are their family members, friends, work that can support you along the way. If not are there support groups, professional services, eg counsellor, personal trainer, doctors, life coach, teacher, financial advisors. These people are experts in their field and are trained at helping people change their lives for the better.

We may not have the answer to all these questions, you may have to do some research to find the answers. However just by answering those few simple questions you have already set in motion change for the better.

Next it’s time to take action …. But first be sure to have worked though the questions above …… Part 2 of this Change requires Action blog will be available at the end of the week … so check back then for how to take action.

Have a wonderful thoughtful week.



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