Change requires action Part 2

Beleive in youSo last I spoke about some of the factors that block change and listed some question to help you identify areas in your life that require change

Just to recap the question to answer about your life are:

  • What area/s of life need to change (get clear about this)
  • Does it all need to change at once (if more than one area of life)
  • What is the time frame for change (1 month, 6 months etc)
  • What do we require to make these changes (training etc)
  • Do you have support to help during change (friends, counsellor etc)

So now it is time to take action so that we create change, remember “insanity is doing the same thing day after day and expecting a different outcome”.

In order to do this we need to set some clearly defined goals, don’t stress you have already stated this process by answering the question above. The reason for setting goals is so that we have a destination to aim for, the action we take to achieve these goals will be our GPS helping us reach to the finally goal.

Some of you may be saying thinking right now, goals don’t work for me, and you may be right if you have not set goals correctly there are traps in setting goals. Here are few reason why goals don’t work for you

  • Unrealistic – setting goals that are unrealistic is a form of self-sabotage
  • No plan of action (You need that GPS to get you from A to Z)
  • Give up or lose focus on the goal
  • Not motivated – your goals don’t inspire you to achieve
  • You goals are not written down
  • Not holding yourself accountable
  • Transferring blame –(car won’t start so you can go to the gym to work out)

Any of these sound like why you didn’t achieve your goals before? If they do that’s okay now that you recognise these pitfalls you can be aware of them and not make the same mistake again. Just on the subject of mistakes, it doesn’t matter how many mistakes you make along the way just keep moving forward and don’t give up. The road to success if very rarely a straight line.

So take one of the areas of life you wish to implement change and let’s start setting the goal and action plan.

Imagine that your area of change is to stop renting and to buy a house ask yourself this WHY? Why is this important to you? Write down all the reasons associated with why you want to achieve this change in life eg:

Have financial security, live in a nice area, be able to make changes, to be able to own a pet etc

It’s important to know why you want something, this is what gives you the motivation to take action. Now we write the goal which taking the above example may look like this:

“My goal is to buy a house”

While this is a goal it is not a clearly defined goal. What does the house look like, where is the house, what features are in the house.

“My goal is to live in northern beaches area of Sydney in a single story house that has 4 bedroom and a study. The house is brick with room for 2 cars. It has a large backyard for my children to play in, room for a dog and a swimming pool. There is open planning living area with the kitchen opening up to a deck area of entertaining.”

Now that is a clearer picture of the goal. Write this goals out and stick it in a place you will see it every day even several times a day.

So let’s create the action plan for this, (our GPS) what do you need to do to achieve this, remember you already starting work this out in part one.

Let’s say the goals here is to change vocation, our action plan may look like this

  1. Research training course provides new vocation
  2. Find a course that suits you best, online, evening, blended deliver, maybe part-time or full time.
  3. Work out how long this course may take, how many subjects can you do at once (gives you your deadline to finish)
  4. Enrol in course – set a start date
  5. Celebrate achievements along the way – completing a subject, assignments etc
  6. Search for jobs or volunteer opportunities along the way (being enrolled in the course may be enough to get you into the field of work before finishing)

It’s important to take action and to have a plan of action. Break it all down into smaller bite size tasks that you can celebrate along the way. This keeps you motivated, focused and on track.

Procrastination uh-oh you have written your goals, got clear motivation, understand why you want to achieve them and even have an action plan …… yet you just are not following through, instead you are putting it off day after day.


For now go out and set the goals and action plans start moving forward and celebrate the wins, get back up if you fall and keep going forwards. Check back in a few days for tips on beating procrastination.



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