Stuck in the past – stop picking at it

live nowWe have all done it spent too much time dwelling on the past, past mistakes, hurts, choices, indecisions. All the time setting a mindset of regret and setting up bad moods and feelings about who we are as a person.

Too often we find ourselves dwelling of what could have been rather than focusing on what is right now in the moment. The past has gone unless you have a DeLorean and Doc on your side you are not heading back there any time soon to change it.

We have all made mistakes and have regrets in life, hands up those who have never made a mistake…….. I think I would be safe in saying that unless you are a new born baby your hand did not go up. So you are with good company then, the whole world in fact. Learn to embrace those mistakes as the moments in life that have taken you to where you are right now in this moment. If you don’t like where you are great news you can change it with a simple shift in mindset, from living in the past to living in the NOW!

It’s time to really let go of the past, forgive yourself and others for past hurts, poor choice and silly decisions. Dwelling is like picking scab, the wound will never heal if you keep picking at it. Let go of each of them and free yourself from the past so that you can live right now. Here are some simply tips to help you

  • Write the unsent letter addressing an issue that has bothered you, then burn it and let it go as the paper burns
  • Meditate and imagine all past issues leaving your body and flowing into a body of water taking them away
  • Visualise a balloon or thought bubble attached with string to your mind, send past issues to it, what it expand as you place each issue in there , then cut the string and let it drift away
  • Give yourself permission to let go of the past, carry a card around with one side saying I have permission and the other side saying to be happy

Now that we have shifted the mindset let’s start living now, this moment right now is all yours for the taking, what are you going to do with?

  • First taking a deep breath and recognising you are alive, then be thankful for that.
  • List 3 things you are thankful right now – the weather, your family, your smile, home, pets it could be anything, it could be a tuna sandwich you are eating for lunch.
  • Find something right now to make you smile – If you are stuck in the office right now take out a post-it note and put a smiley face on to remind you find something to smile at.
  • Get outside and exercise breath in fresh air
  • Have lunch away from your work place
  • Call someone to tell them how great they are
  • Random act of kindness, hold the lift, say thank you, open the door, pay for someone’s lunch

When we set the mindset to positive and in the now we are able to achieve more than we have allowed ourselves to imagine. We join the flow of life rather than fight the tide against it. To keep this going before bed give thanks for the day and its events and set the tone the next morning by listing 5 things you are thankful for as you wake.  Do this for a week and see your gratitude and appreciation for living in the now grow.

Get out the past life is not there it’s here and its now be a part of it! LIVE NOW


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