Love who you are

love-youThe most amazing thing about each of us is our uniqueness. Yes we share similarities with others but our true self is unique. There is only one you, never will there be another and this is something to be celebrated. We have within inside each of us a beauty that only we possess. It was makes us who we are, it what draws people to us and it what we need to cherish.


We don’t we throw it away, we aim to be like others, we aim to imitate, replicate and bring forward aspects of other to enhance who we are.


Because we have lost the ability to love ourselves, we are so busy seeking approval from others rather than approval from our self.

So ……..

Let’s embrace who we are, let’s love who we are, let’s share with the world who we are.

How …….

Be kind to yourself each and every day – treat yourself as you would a guest in your home

Speak nicely to yourself – nothing positive comes from negative self-talk

Be thankful for your quirkiness, your hidden talents and things that make you different

Know your strengths and let them shine

Understand that imperfect is perfectly beautiful

Be vulnerable and allow yourself to feel the emotion of you and love YOU

Accept that we are all different and that is a true gift

Forgive yourself – mistakes happen to all of us

Beauty comes from within know the true essence of this

Just be You because You is what the world needs


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