Let go now and move forward in life

Let go Life is a wonderful journey full of enjoyment for all those chose to live rather than exist. So when we feel yourself stuck and lacking enjoyment in life perhaps it is because you need to let go of the baggage that weighs you down.

Let go of these 5  things and feel the weight lift and allow yourself to move into the flow of life’s wonder.

Let go of limiting beliefs: If you believe you can you are right if you believe you can’t you are right. The only difference here is one helps you move forward the other holds you where you are. Let go of believing you can’t do something and know that you CAN. Start realising what holds you back and changing the thoughts to bring about positive change.

Let go of negative people: Seriously let go of them, drama laden negative people bring down your energy, are happy to dump problems on you and make you feel general crap about life. They love nothing more than having a negativity party and inviting you to. Let go of them and surround yourself with those who are positive up beat and have a can do attitude. Who you allow in your inner circle can determine a lot of the way your day, week, month, year and life is going to feel.

Let go of people pleasing: You can’t please them all as they say and it’s true so stop trying to. Not everything you do in life will make everyone happy don’t worry about it. You are in charge of making you happy and they are in charge of their own happiness. So go about life being you and stop trying to fit the mould that everyone wants you to fit, it’s exhausting anyway so let it go.

Let go of the past and mistakes: We have all made choice in the past that turned into mistakes. Some of us have past that is unpleasant, filled with regret, hurt and hate. Let go of it. None of us has a time machine to change what has been yet all of us have the ability to create what will be. Forgive the mistakes, hurt and let go of regret to create a better now which leads to a greater future.

Let go of control: You don’t control life so stop beating your head against a brick wall trying to. The more control you try and exert over life the more depressed, rigid, obsessive and anxious one becomes. Learn to plan and then follow the flow of life, our greatest detours can uncover the greatest vistas in life. Allow for spontaneity, become malleable and flow with life after all swimming against the tide is hard even for the strongest swimmer.

Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced
Soren Kierkegaard

By Rita Maher

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