5 Ways to De-stress

Get outside 

Getting out side and removing yourself from any stressful environment is a quick way to reduce anxiety and stress levelwalking-on-the-grasss. Get outside and breath in fresh air, hear the sounds of nature, feel the earth beneath your feet. Take your shoes off and walk on the grass or head to the beach and walk on the sand soak your feet in the ocean. By simply stepping away and being outside you allow your body to center and be present which reduces stress levels. Clear the mind and see the beauty of the world outside.


Eat healthy

What you put into your body goes a long way to showing how you may handle stress. Fatty, high sugar, low nutrient foods do not provide you with right energy to help the brain work through stressfulHealthy-food times in life. A poor diet can make you feel lethargic, unmotivated and as if you are in a fog not able to see the way forward. Poor diet means the body can’t work effectively, leaving you with mood swings and poor concentration. So ditch the quick fix food and replace it with a balanced diet that provides you’re the nutrition you need to think and problem solve. Drink water, eat vegetables, fruits and get plenty of protein and ditching all carbs is not a good thing so make sure you balance them.



Get the right amount of sleep. Our body needs time to rest and regenerate every day and this is done when we sleep. Sleesleepping too long or too little is not great for the body both can leave you feeling tired. Broken sleep can leave us feeling irritated.  Set a great sleep pattern helps to keep the body and mind revitalized and ready to conquer the day. Turn off the mobile phone, turn off the TV, get off the computer stop checking Facebook and emails a good hour before bed. Learn to notice when your body feels tired. If you find your mind running crazy with thoughts of what has to be done and you can’t sleep spend 5 minutes writing down the list of what needs to be done. Once it’s on paper you don’t need to remember it.



Yes, I know that sounds crazy but most of us when stressed don’t breathe correctly, we hold onto our breath and don’tBreathe full exhale. So learn how to breath in moments of stress.  Stop and take in 3 deep breaths and full exhale each one. Feel your diaphragm muscle rise and fall with each breath, feel the air move in and out of your body, even place your hand on your abdomen to feel the rise and fall.  Without the right supply of oxygen to the body the brain does not have the capacity to clearly process thoughts feelings and emotions. By focusing on our breath we all the mind time to be still to collect our thoughts and approach them in a clam manner.


Get active

Do some exercise. If you actually get the your bodyGet active moving, you can reduce the effects of stress. Go take a gym class, boxing, martial arts, yoga, running, hiking, dancing. Whatever it is just get moving, get active and help reduce stress levels by endorphins which can help trigger positive feelings and reduce pain. Your mind clears and the fog lifts with exercise and movement. Try to be active each day for 30 minutes to help sustain a positive mental state of mind.

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