Accepting does not mean liking

We all have events, situations, and times in our life that we could do without. Life with no drama how amazing that would be. Yet everybody’s life has times that are filled with emotions, drama and thoughts that are not great. These times cause discomfort, they can cause interruption to how we function, depression, stress and anxiety.

When we are faced with an event, situation or feeling we don’t like its easy to see only the negative. We hold on to this and even fight against it yet not in a positive way. We struggle against life during this time as our focus become myopic, often missing the bigger picture.

Feelings and emotions which surround events in life can become jaded over time. As our memory holds on to the event as we perceived it happened. Often this perception focuses solely on the negative aspects and neglects any glimpse of positivity that may have occurred during this time. Over time, we compound those negative feelings playing them over and over again. At times, we may not even be willing to try something because past perceptions have a negative feel attached to them.

Yet this is not how it has to be

We can learn to accept what is currently going on, accept what the past that we can not change, accept our hurt, disappointment, anger or frustration surrounding these events or situations. When we accept we are not asking ourselves to like it. We are simply stopping the struggle against it. By letting go of the struggle and accepting what has or is we allow ourselves to clear the emotional debris and face the present moment with clear vision.

Think of it this was is the glass half full or half empty……what does it matter if you have to hold it for days on end with no rest arms stretched out, the glass is simply heavy the longer you hold it. Yet place it down and accept that the glass contains liquid and you can then look at it objectively.

Heavy the longer you hold it

Heavy the longer you hold it

Would you rather walk around life carrying the heaviness of emotions that are not serving you productively or are you prepared to accept, and not have to like, what has been or is happening now? Put emotions down, accepting life as it gives you the breathing space to appreciate the positive that does surround you rather than maintaining the current myopic vision.

Remember you don’t have to like it, because sometimes it sux,  however holding onto it doesn’t allow you to appreciate the now and live life.

Put the half empty half full glass down and enjoy giving your arms and emotions a break.

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