Keeping Kids Motivated

Keeping Kids MotivatedChildren love to learn; it’s built into them from day one. Just watch a child outside
investigating all that is a
round them absorbing and learning as they explore. Send them off to school and those first few years they are eager and want to learn. With pencil in hand, they learn to draw, colour and write. They take in the alphabet singing songs to remember it and then learning to read. Out in the playground, they learn to make friends. Then one day that motivation to learn seems to disappear for some, perhaps they are not interested in what is being taught, perhaps the work has become a challenge, perhaps they don’t believe they can anymore. This is where we as parents play a vital role teaching them skills for life that will keep them motivated for learning, wanting to investigate and being creative in life.

These tips below can help keep your child motivate for a life of learning.

Develop a Solution focused approach

There will always be problems, setbacks and challenges in life. Rather than focusing on the problem encourage kids to look for solutions. See challenges as a learning tool. Encourage a positive outlook that foster movement past setbacks. Lead by example and helping your child to see solutions rather than problems.

 Acknowledge failure

You won’t win all the time in life that is ok. Knowing that sometimes we fail and learning to deal with it helps children develop resilience in life, allowing them to bounce back. Show them how to be a good sport in life, not a sour loser.

Teach Active Listening

Children who feel they are not heard loose motivation to share and engage with people very quickly. Never be too busy to hear what your child has to say and encourage them to develop active listening skills as well. Letting them speak and be heard encourage communication a vital tool for learning in life.

Persistence is key

Try, try and try again. You don’t learn things and get them perfect the first time that is ok. Teach your child that persistence pays off, reward the effort they put into learning rather than the final product.

Understand Learning Styles

Look at how your child learns, by seeing, by hearing, by feeling or by doing. Encourage your child to learn in a way that is natural to them. Allowing children to develop their learning style reduce stress surrounding learning and helps build confidence. Take the time to talk to your child teacher if need be to see if they can incorporate the learning style into the classroom environment

 Encourage Exploration

Expose children to different experience in life, sports, hobbies, cultures allow them to develop a range of interest in life. Encourage a curious mind that asks questions as they develop understanding in different areas. An enquiring mind is always learning, so try new things as a family and share the experience together.

 Celebrate Success

Teach your child how to celebrate success. When you celebrate success you create a positive connection that fosters a motivation to achieve. Create the environment for success, small wins encourage larger wins later on and build a child’s self-esteem. Encourage your child to celebrate the success of others as well.

Children love to learn, and we as parents, as adults can help keep them motivated as they grow and develop in life. In doing so we ensure that they have skills for life.

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