Its only painful when we resist growth

Change and pGrowthersonal growth are not meant to be painful. While we all at times want to change, strive for personal growth there are times when we will abandon it, place roadblocks and even self-sabotage our attempts to grow and change. Why because for some people they have a fear and anxiety associated with change and growth, yet it does not need to be that way.

Anxiety or fear around growth is often associated, not with the process itself, rather with what it will mean on the other end of it. When we grow what will it mean to the people around us, will we change so much that we lose some people? What will it mean to our current lifestyle, maybe it’s better to stay as we are, after all, we don’t know what the outcome of growth looks likes?

What we do know however is what stagnation looks like, it looks exactly like what is happening right now. We do know what frustration looks like, it’s that vision of wanting change yet there is no action that follows through on it. We also know what fear feels like, it’s that feeling holding us right where we are now.

To bring about change and growth without pain, learn to acknowledge your fear or anxiety. Ask yourself am I letting fear hold me back? Is the fear real? How do you know its real? Is it your fear or someone else fear?

Acknowledging our fears can help us move past them, talking them over with a trusted friends or family member can help reduce them. Knowing that have been through changes before, you have grown and thrived helps bring the confidence to face new changes.

Change and growth are learning curves in life, they are not be feared, they don’t need to illicit stress or pain and only do so when we are resistant to growing in life.

The fear of the unknown is nothing to be fearful of because once you start moving forward the unknown becomes the known.


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