Jealousy helps reveal your limiting beliefs

Admit iYour limiting beliefst, you have been there, once, twice maybe a few more times even than that. Looking at someone else with that glint of envy, jealous of what they have in life, their achievements, what they own, where they go, how people see them, who they are with…the list goes on.

Yet what we are really seeing through jealous eyes are own limiting beliefs, what we believe we can never achieve, what we will never have, or be.

The great news is once you know they limiting belief you can change it, stop it from holding you back and replace it with a positive more serving belief that propels you forward. So if you are sick of feeling like everyone has more, sick of feeling like you can’t achieve then I can help you shift and changes those belief so that they work for you not against you.

So take a moment and catch yourself when jealous thought enter, no need to change them instantly, rather ask what does this say about my beliefs? Be honest with yourself here, as without honest there can be no growth or change. 

Once you have identified this limiting belief ask yourself a few more questions 

Is it true?

How do you know that it’s true?

Is the belief serving you in a positive way?

Chances are it’s not a serving you, so let’s get rid of it and replace it with a new belief that works for you not against you. Here is a quick tip on how to create a new belief.

Acknowledge the old limiting belief, notice how it makes your feel in your body. Then place your hand on your heart, breathing in and out at your natural pace feel your heart beat.  Feel how strong it is, feel the rhythm of it, now thinking of something that makes you smile, perhaps a time in your life when you felt blessed, continue to feel your heart beat as you breathe in and out. Now feel that move through your body and ask yourself what the new belief needs to be.

Moving from our head space to our heart space allows us to know the right way forward and release limiting beliefs.

Give it a try all you have to lose are the beliefs that have held you back.

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