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Anxiety, fear, worry and stress can rob you of a great day here is a quick tip to help combat them.

Our thoughts and emotions can be our best and worst friend. They can allow us to feel moments of pure joy, bliss, laughter and excitement and then they can evoke moments of terror, panic, deep sadness and anxiety.

When our thoughts and emotions take over and start to create permanent anxiety it is important to learn to breathe correctly. When we enter a state of anxiety we tend to have shallow breath and this only serves to maintain that state.

So when we start to have thoughts that trigger an emotional response of worry, fear, panic, stress and
it’s time to stop and break the cycle. This can be done through several ways and breath work is one of them.

Take a deep breath in hold for 3 seconds and release, and repeat. Focus on the breath feel the air as it enters the nose and as you exhale. As you being to break the cycle look around you and notice:

5 things you can seejust breathe
4 things you can hear
3 things you can touch
2 things you can smell
1 thing you can taste

This process allows the mind to be calm and in the present moment breaking free of the thought pattern allowing you to be calm as you process your feelings.

Give this a try and allow yourself some space between thoughts and emotions. Allow your mind to settle and be calm again.

If you are experiencing constant anxiety then it is time to seek help so that you can start to enjoy the pleasant emotions and thoughts that life has to offer you once again.

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