Words can change lives

WORDS CHANGE LIVES (1)Sometimes just a passing comment changes everything, never underestimate the power of the spoken word. Just this week alone two people have said something that to them would have meant nothing at all to them, no malice was involved, nor was any disrespect shown, their passing comments meant no harm. Yet the power of these two passing comments has caused me to change the way I look at my world.

The words hit a raw nerve with me one that has been exposed for a while yet I had allowed myself to hid behind it ride than face it. Quite easily I could have taken these comments and allowed them to become my self-talk, in doing, this I would have just been perpetuating a negative aspect of myself. This is the most common response when we are not ready for a change.

However, I took these comments and embraced them. I have chosen to take the words and used them as a powerful catalyst for change, The words were never designed to hurt me by the people who spoke them, they were just comments made during a short conversation, the difference is I was ready to hear them and use them to create power within myself.

So words can change lives, unfortunately, we see all too often how words hurt, this can come from the delivery or the way the message has been received. Before you take on someone else words and make them your negative self-talk, ask yourself this? Was I just not ready to hear them ? and if I am ready now how can I embrace and use this for change in a positive way?

Words really can change lives so as a delivery person of them be mindful of what you are saying and as the receiver of them be mindful of how you receive and react to them.