Do the 5

Do the 5

So many of us suffer bouts of fear, anxiety, stress, panic, and depression. Our mind takes over and places in the past where we relive scenes over and over again or propels us to the future where we play out scenarios that have not happened yet. Which ever way we go the mind has left the present and we can feel disorientated, ungrounded and lack clarity of the now. When this happens we also tend to make choices that may not be for our best as they can come from a place of fear and perhaps even be totally irrational.

When you catch yourself in the cycles you can start to make changes that put at least a stop measure in place and allow the brain to come back to the present. In doing so you give yourself the space to become calmer, to seek help if required and to think things through in a more rational manner.

A quick and simple method to do this is to DO the 5
Hold up your hand and list
5 things you can see
4 things you can hear
3 thing you can feel
2 things you can smell
1 things you can taste ( poke you tongue our taste the air)

This quick method helps to bring you back to the present, it works well for children, adolescents and adults and can be repeated several times to help connect ou back to the now and give you a sense of calm.

So next time you catch yourself in a moment give it a try DO the 5 and bring calmness back into your day