Live in the moment

Live in the moment

In today’s world of fast go get it, keep up with the Jones, must have latest and greatest, many of us have forgotten to stop and live in the moment. We are so busy with our heads buried in technology that we often forget to come up for air missing the beauty that surrounds us. So how can we reconnect and live in the moment? How can we appreciate what is happening to be it positive or negative in that moment? and why is it important to do so?

Firstly it is important so that we don’t miss the little things, the details, the opportunities, when we do this we are more likely to achieve our goals and become fulfilled with life. We enjoy life so much more when we are participating in it. More importantly, however, it is for our health to be able to slow down and observe mindfully how we feel. How can you recognise stress and triggers if you have no awareness of relaxation and peace? Your body is talking to you giving you information that can help bring about greater health if you listen.

So how can we achieve this? well here are 5 simple ways to live in the moment and improve your quality of life, achieve goals and increase your health.

1: Slow down – breath, adjust the way you walk through life. Be present in the activity, if you are eating then eat and notice texture, armour, flavour, notice when you are full and stop. If you are talking truly listen with your whole body notice expression, tone and content. Be deliberate and slow in your activity

2: Awaken your senses – you have 5 senses use them all, notice the movement of air, feel it, hear it, see it, taste it, smell the fragrance of it. Eat with all your senses, move with all your sense. Notice the moment with all your senses

3: Disconnect and do nothing – allow yourself 5 – 15 min each day to just sit and be, be aware of your thoughts, be aware of how you feel, be aware of how your body feels, be aware of your breath and just be

4: Gratitude for the moment – truly experience the moment be it negative or positive and be thankful for the experience as it has offered you learning, as you experience the moment notice emotions and be thankful for them.

5: Loose time – be in the flow and go with it rather than fight against the clock. immerse yourself in what you are doing and flow

When we live in the present we let go of the past, have now worry for the future and we live in peace that is now. In doing this we allow ourselves to become mindful and aware of all that is around us and how we are responding to it mentally, and psychically. With this insight, we then gain the power to adjust and refine our responses to be more positive and productive for us.

Be in the moment live now