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Live in the moment

Live in the moment

In today’s world of fast go get it, keep up with the Jones, must have latest and greatest, many of us have forgotten to stop and live in the moment. We are so busy with our heads buried in technology that we often forget to come up for air missing the beauty that surrounds us. […]

Words can change lives


Sometimes just a passing comment changes everything, never underestimate the power of the spoken word. Just this week alone two people have said something that to them would have meant nothing at all to them, no malice was involved, nor was any disrespect shown, their passing comments meant no harm. Yet the power of these […]

Jealousy helps reveal your limiting b...

Jealousy helps reveal your limiting beliefs

Admit it, you have been there, once, twice maybe a few more times even than that. Looking at someone else with that glint of envy, jealous of what they have in life, their achievements, what they own, where they go, how people see them, who they are with…the list goes on. Yet what we are […]

Its only painful when we resist growt...

Its only painful when we resist growth

Change and personal growth are not meant to be painful. While we all at times want to change, strive for personal growth there are times when we will abandon it, place roadblocks and even self-sabotage our attempts to grow and change. Why because for some people they have a fear and anxiety associated with change […]