Meditation 4 life
Bring balance back to your life

Today we live in an increasing fast pace word. Many of us work long hours and often spend lunch inside in front of a computer. Our stress levels are on the rise as we try to keep up. We are more sedentary than ever and our minds are more stimulated by influence such as our phones, computers and tablets, engaging us in the world of social media. Yet we are more disconnected than ever and our health is in decline. Is this really the way it’s meant to be?

Meditation is a powerful tool that helps bring our Mind Body Soul back into alignment. When we take the time and allow ourselves to stop and just be even if it is for only 5 – 10 minutes a day the human body is allowed to rest, the mind is allowed to be quiet and the soul enriches. Meditation is not a new concept it has been around for centuries and studies have shown how beneficial it can be on the individual. But what type of meditation and how, where and when to meditate?

I often hear these statements:

  • I am too busy
  • I don’t have space
  • My mind won’t turn off
  • I can sit still
  • My family won’t leave me alone to meditate

Well it is important to make time there are 24hours in the day I am sure you have 5 min – you can meditate in the shower if need be.
You have space you could sit on the end of the bed, sit outside, go to the park, sit in lounge room the list goes on. While it would be wonderful to have a dedicated room this is not required. How about the family that won’t leave you alone, firstly you need to tell them that you are meditating now and to leave you alone. Most people don’t asked to be left alone or they say it in such a way that family don’t understand why they need to be alone, take the time to explain it to them. Turn off the phone ….. YES TURN IT OFF. Your mind will be quiet but it takes practice and you need to do the meditation style that is right for you, while some people love guided meditation you may prefer walking meditation, be prepared to experiment and don’t throw in the towel after just a few attempts. Our mind is a muscle and needs training. Can’t sit still GREAT a walking or movement meditation is just the thing for you. Also try full body relaxation meditations and train your body to relax and let go to give your some much needed quiet time.


take a few moments now to relax – enjoy the meditations below