Affirmation Cards

Strong Minds & Happy Little Minds Affirmation cards

Strong Minds

Strong Minds is a  set of 40 affirmation cards designed with teenagers – young adults in mind.

Each card allows the development of a strong mindset, allow the person to address issues that are both positive and negative. Providing clarity and insight into daily happenings.

Used to set the tone of the day or to help with parenting conversations these cards are a valuable tool to the changing dynamics of the day for teenagers and young adult lives.

Cards cost $40+ P&H

Strong Minds - Teenage Affirmation Cards

Strong Minds – Teenage Affirmation Cards


Happy Little Minds Happy Little Minds is designed for children from as young as 2 right through to 12 years of age.

The cards embrace both positive and negative emotions and allowing children to explore and understand that we all feel these ways at times. Parents can help their child work through the emotions as they arise.

Parents can use these as a way to start a conversation, or set the tone for the day. There is even a blank card so children can create their own personalised affirmation.

Cards cost $40+ P&H

Happy Little Minds- Children's affirmation cards

Happy Little Minds- Children’s affirmation cards