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accepting, enriching and balancing the whole person

Holistic Counselling is not just about the mind it is about the whole person – allowing life to balance and harmony.

Many people need at some stage in their life a chance to talk to someone, be it because of current stressors, unresolved emotions or traumatic experiences. When we hold onto our stress or traumatic experiences and don’t deal with the emotions that surround them we create blockages in our life. Which can then lead us to fall into a spiral of unhappiness, lack of motivation, we become ill and withdrawn. All of which stops us from living our life. Holistic Counselling can help you understand what your emotions are and how to address, heal and transform them so that you can live a balanced life.

The tools needed to address these issues as they arise are often not in our knowledge base, not because we don’t want to know them, rather as a child we were never taught them or because we have always learnt to push our emotions aside and not deal with them. This builds a negative pattern in the way we deal with issues appearing in our life. We begin to live in fear or pain, we find ourselves being angry and anxious or even guilt about life.

Life doesn’t have to be this way, it can be joyful, happy, balanced, relaxed and enjoyable.

Holistic Counselling may be of benefit to you if your find yourself facing any of these issues:

Dealing with grief and loss

Not able to face the day, feeling sad and without hope

Isolated and withdrawn from family and society

Stressed or exhaustion

Relationships – marriage and family

Lack of motivation and concentration

Anxiety & fear


Self-esteem issues

Take steps today and start living again. Through counselling your will gain the ability to identify beliefs, attitudes and actions seeing how they are affecting and causing barriers in your life. As we work through the healing and transformation process together you will be able to address and recognise these. Allowing you to develop skills which bring about a balanced, healthy and positive change in your life. Ensuring that you have the emotional tools to be able to move forward in life. All taking place in a safe nurturing environment designed to address your personal needs so as to allow for the best possible outcome in your own growth and healing. Letting you live and enjoy life again.

Bring you into balance and equipping your with tools for life you can start to live a life that can be

Free of anxiety, fear and anger

Feel centred and whole, awake and ready to take on the day.

Take back your power and stand in it

Enjoy and strength your relationships with your life

Give you confidence

Counselling session are 50min and bookings are required

Cost : Individual sessions $120, Couples $140,  students  $80

To book a counselling session please contact Rita

via phone on  0434 867 426 alternatively you can book directly by visiting

Cancellation fee – If you can not make your appointment for any time please contact Rita 48hours prior for rescheduling. Appointments cancelled with less notice will incur a $40 cancellation fee. For appointments that missed without notice, a full fee will apply.