Aromatherapy Reiki Healing

Bringing wellbeing to you

Reiki is a powerful gentle no invasive method that promotes healing, stress relief and well-being. When combined with Aromatherapy oils it furthers strengths emotional and physical wellbeing.

An Aromatherapy-Reiki session is a beautiful way to help relax, unwind, balance and recharge the body. During the session, Reiki,  healing is applied directly to where the body requires it by the laying of hands and use of universal energy. Reiki allows for the chakras to be brought into alignment and balanced. Essential aromatherapy oils are used to enhance the healing experience, either by applying topically or through diffusing of oils into the air during the session.

During the healing, you may feel the experience of warmth, tingling, relaxation, rest and peacefulness. An Aromatherapy-Reiki session is designed to revitalise your body, balance your energy, quieten the mind and allow you leave feeling more refreshed and energised. It helps support the body’s natural healing process and is suitable for all people in all stages of life

At the end of your Aromatherapy-Reiki session a bespoke blend of essential oils will  be made up for you to use so that you can continue to enjoy the relaxing and healing benefits. 

Aromatherapy -Reiki sessions are usually 40 – 50 min in length and cost $100, this includes your bespoke Aromatherapy blend to take home after the session.  For those who would prefer to just receive reiki without the use of

For those who would prefer to  receive reiki without the use of aromatherapy sessions are 40min long and cost $80.

Bookings are essential for this service. Aromatherapy -Reiki sessions are conducted in Narellan.

To make a booking please contact Rita on 0434 867 426 or chose your appointment time at https://calendly.com/ritamaher/book-an-appointment